Use a custom URL parameter to edit a specific post ID

Created by Phil Kurth, Modified on Mon, 19 Sep, 2022 at 5:29 PM by Phil Kurth

You may choose to set up a page containing a form that can be used to dynamically edit a given post ID. To do this, first set the `post` arg to "param". e.g;

[advanced_form form=“FORM_KEY” post=“param”]

Or, when using the advanced_form() function:

advanced_form( 'FORM_KEY', [ 'post' => 'param' ] )

When configured this way, the form will look for a `post` query parameter and use that. e.g;

Customising the query parameter

If you would prefer not to use `post` as the query parameter, you may customise the name as follows:

add_filter( 'af/form/editing/query_param', function ( $query_param, $form, $args ) {
  return 'some_custom_param';
}, 10, 3 );

With the following code in place, the form will look for a `some_custom_param` parameter instead of `post`. e.g;

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